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Documentary. France. 2018.

52 minutes. Broadcaster: Toute L'Histoire.


Written and directed by Jérémy Fauchoux.

Produced by Empreinte Digitale (Joachim Landau, Raphaël Rocher) and AB Productions.

Original release: Sunday, November 11th on Toute L'Histoire.

The story of Yashka, an illiterate female farmer who became a war leader in a violent male world: the journey of an icon. If official History has neglected her impact, the people, the press, the warriors and the politics all know the story of Maria Bochkareva. From the Women's Battalion of Death to the Pussy Riots, the women's fight for equality does not date back to the 21st century only.

With Alexandre Sumpf, Alena Shaker, Irina Kosterina, Alexandre Senine, Igor Ugolnikov, Evgeny Yurkevtich, Sergei Nilipovic, Ella Paneyakh...

International Sales: Mediawan Rights 

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