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Zine ! Zine !

Weekly TV Show


A TV show, boosted by dynamic graphics and exclusive reports, explores the most entertaining and exciting cultural news for young audience (7-14 years old).

Chief Editor: Julien Dupuy
Network: Okoo (France Televisions)


Weekly TV Show

The team of series addicts who know their alphabet book from A as Alias to Z like Zombie!

Hosted by Charline Roux with Paul Taylor and Frédérick Sigrist.

Chief Editor: Renan Cros.


Pop Up Party - Season 2

Talent Show / Dance Battle


Capetown, South Africa. 16 kids dance for the very first time in front of crowd, on a music they never heard before and face surprise challenges.


Some amazing dancing is coming your way!


Opération Frisson

Monthly TV Show


The Thrill Operation. The cult TV show. A one of is kind Host. A unique tone when it comes to talking about cinema. Yannick Dahan is a reference in France. We no longer count the passionate debates aroused by the show each month on social networks. His tone, his straight talk and his presentations are a source of jubilation for all film goers. True cinema-lover and cinema-vore, Yannick takes monthly hindsight to analyze and comment on the highlights of genre movies. It is the monthly editorial that shakes up conventionnal thinking, questioning the codes, its place in society, its evolution and its characteristics.


Hosted by Yannick Dahan. Broadcaster: CINE+ FRISSON

Le Grand Frisson

Weekly TV Show


The Big Thrill. The only program in France dedicated to genre movies. The show alternates, analysis and passionately comments, interviews and original reports. It’s the geek cinema world news crossroad. We respect the films, the creators and the spectators. Lovers and fervent defenders of this cinema, we sweep the entire geek spectrum every week. Theatrical releases, DVD releases, restorations, collector boxes and events, the news is very rich. From independent nuggets to the biggest blockbusters, in France and abroad, nothing escapes our eyes!

Written by Julien Dupuy. Broadcaster: CINE+ FRISSON

Avis de Sortie

Weekly TV Show


Comedy, thriller, action, romance, animation, blockbuster… There is one for everyone’s taste. Each weeks find the great film you want to watch in theatre in France!


Broadcaster: France 5.

Les Ateliers de Margaux

Event Show


Easter time, summer, Christmas, back-to-school season… There is always a good reason to make someting with your kids and family. Margaux shows you DIY objects. Easy, funny, artistic, usefull. Every one is enough skilled to create them! Meet Margaux and let’s start your own object.

Broadcaster: Piwi+

L'Actu de la TV d'Orange


Enter the world of entertainement with Orange TV. Thanks to our barker channel, keep informed. New films, Premieres, Package Series, special deals… Based on trailers, ads, and tv show as Series Planet, you won’t be lost in the huge offer and the variety of content that propose Orange TV IP services.

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