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"The path of wisdom is an art that requires strength and discipline," said Master Huang.

A robbery in 60 seconds, too.


With Mark Dacascos ("Brotherhood of the Wolf", "Crying Freeman") and Gabriella Wright ("The Tudors", "True Blood").

From the director of "Brick Mansions" and "The Transporter: Refueled". 

Episode 1 on free access. Series available on STUDIO+.



Digitale Series. Action.

1 season 10 x 10''. Broadcaster: STUDIO+ (2017).


Directed by Camille Delamarre.

Written by Philip Leroy and Camille Delamarre.

With Gabriella Wright, Mark Dacascos, Andrew Cooper, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Sam Redford, Alex Martin.

Produced by Raphaël Rocher, Henri Debeurme.

Original release: July, 21st 2017 on STUDIO+.

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