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Documentary. France. 2018.

32 minutes. Broadcaster: TCM Cinéma.


Directed by Sandrine Marques.

Produced by Empreinte Digitale (Joachim Landau, Raphaël Rocher) and TCM Europe.

Original release: Friday, January 25th on TCM Cinéma.

For the first time on television Martin Scorsese talks with Jeff Nichols about the young director's work.


Martin Scorsese has created some of the most memorable films in cinema history, including the iconic Taxi Driver and Academy Award-winning The Departed and Raging Bull. He is widely considered one of the most important directors of all time. For many young directors he's a mentor but especially for Jeff Nichols (Mud, Take Shelter, Loving, Midnight Special). The 39 year old director, known for his independent films, is at a turning point in his career, now working with a big studio on his upcoming film Alien Nation.


He will discuss his style and influences with Martin Scorsese whose expertise on cinema is insightful and brilliant. The creative grandmaster will share his experience with one of the most promising young directors in an intimate conversation.


Broadcasted on TCM Europe during a special evening to Jeff Nichols.  

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