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Documentaries. France. 2013-2015.

52' and 78'. Broadcasters: Canal+ and Ciné+ Frisson.

Directed by Philippe Guedj and Philippe Roure.

Written by Philippe Guedj and Philippe Roure.

Produced by Thierry Tripod, Joachim Landau and Raphaël Rocher.

Original release

Marvel Renaissance: March, 7th 2014 on Canal+

Marvel Univers: October, 23rd 2015 on Ciné+ Frisson

At the end of the 90s, Marvel company went bankrupt and the group almost closed its doors. Yet, the famous American publishing house has managed to recover, especially via its film industry. How do they succeed to move from ruin to the top of the box office?

Official Selection - Festival Utopiales Nantes (2014)

Official Selection - Glasgow Film Festival (2016)

MARVEL RENAISSANCE aired on April, 13th at 10:40PM on France 4.

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