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TV Series. Comedy, Action, War.

3 seasons 30 x 26'. Broadcaster: OCS (2012-2015).


Created by Samuel Bodin and Alexandre Philip. 

Directed by Samuel Bodin.

Written by Samuel Bodin, Alexandre Philip, Maxime Guérin.

With Alexandre Philip, Alban Lenoir, Antoine Lesimple, Benoît Moret, Aurélia Poirier, Quentin Baillot, Tiphaine Daviot, Laurent Seron Keller, Philippe Lebas, Cyril Guei, Antoine Gouy, Charlotte Ligneau, Anne Benoît, Thomas VDB.

Produced by Raphaël Rocher, Henri Debeurme.

Original release: January, 18th 2013 on OCS Max.

D-Day. U.S. Air Force parachutes its best men at the heart of occupied France. The best? Not only... Clumsy, somewhat cowardly yet charming, they form the most peculiar unit of the American army. Four idiots, who will unintentionally change the course of History: They are the Lazy Company...

Best Series 26 – La Rochelle TV Festival 2015

Grand Prix – Luchon TV Festival 2013

International Sales: AB Distribution

First French comedy sold to a German Broadcaster.

2 comic books based on the series.

Available on Netflix France.

Complete Series available in France on iTunes - Fnac - Amazon - CanalVOD - Netflix

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