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Action. 8 x 45 minutes. Broadcaster: Netflix

Created by Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave.


Directed by Cédric Nicolas-Troyan, Samuel Bodin and Laura Weaver. 


With Lina El Arabi, Marina Foïs, Mathieu Kassovitz, Steve Tientcheu, Quentin Faure, Jérémy Nadeau, Sandor Funtek, Axel Brendemühl, Anne Azoulay, Eye Haïdara...

Produced by Raphaël Rocher and Eric Laroche (Empreinte Digitale) and Quoc Dang Tran (Daïmôn Films).

In the Parisian criminal world, Lyna meets the mysterious and ruthless Furie, who rules this dangerous environment...

March, 1st 2024 on Netflix

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