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Documentary Series. France. 2022.

52 minutes. Broadcaster: TCM Cinéma


Directed by Mathieu Pheng.
Narrated by Alexandre Aja.

Produced by Joachim Landau and Raphaël Rocher.

Original release: October, 15th 2022

Mythical practice in the US, the drive-in had a golden age until the 1970's before falling into decline. Today, it has a second life in the United States. 

It was initiated by a handful of die-hard movie lovers, driven by a certain idea of freedom, in the open air. Real characters straight out of a Coen brothers or Tarantino movie.

From the Star Drive-in Theater in Colorado, the oldest drive-in in operation, or the LoCo Drive-in in Tennessee where you can even see movies in broad daylight, to the Comanche in Colorado at the foot of the snow-capped mountains, this film is a journey across the United States to discover one of the most important parts of pop culture and Americana.


A road movie under the stars and in front of the light of the most entertaining films in cinema...

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