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Discover les Liaisons dangereuses between cinema and video games. Games Vs Cinema - Screens War traces the origin of the relations of influences between these two industries. It begins with the rise of the video game, which draws part of its inspiration from the cinema, and then as the dominant industry of the Entertainment World which serves as an interactive alternative to the cinema. Is it the dawn of a reversal of power that takes place between cinema and video games or that of a new medium taking the DNA of these two giants of Entertainment?

With Paul W.S. Anderson, Steven Lisberger, Chris Roberts, Karim Debbache, Brett Leonard, Marianne Krawczyk, Mark Goldblatt, Jean Zeid, Jeremy Snead, Xavier Gens, Steven De Souza, Joseph Staten, Lawrence Kasanoff, Rafik Djoumi, Parker Bennett.

International Sales: AB Distribution


Original title: LA GUERRE DES ECRANS

Documentary. France. 2016.

52'. Broadcaster: Ciné+ Frisson.


Directed by Jérémy Fauchoux.

Written by Jérémy Fauchoux, Stéphane Moïssakis, Yannick Dahan.

Produced by Joachim Landau, Raphaël Rocher.

Original release: December, 4th 2016 on Ciné+ Frisson

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