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Documentary. France. 2019.

75 minutes. Broadcaster: CANAL+.


Directed by Olivier Joyard.

Produced by Joachim Landau and Raphaël Rocher.

Original release: April, 10th on CANAL+ SERIES and May, 23rd on CANAL+.

The practice of Binge Watching (consuming episodes of series one after the other and on demand) is now an integral part of our daily lives. With few exceptions, it has even become the only way to watch series in the past few years. However, the viewer is only at one end of what is in fact a long chain of production. The entire television industry has been turned upside down by this practice. From writing, financing, filming and delivery, the practice of Binge Watching has profoundly influenced the production of series around the world. 

With Aaron Thomas, Shawn Ryan, Tanya Saracho, Steven Canals, John Landgraf, Sarah Gubbins, Jennie Snyder Urman, Krista Vernoff, Maureen Ryan, Marie Turcan, Danna Stern, Atar Dekel, Nir Bergman...

Official Selection Canneséries 2019.

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