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Marlyse, Jack and Robert-Alain are "returnees" in Cameroon. After years of wandering the borders of Europe failing to build a new life, they have all taken the opposite path. After several failed escapes, many taken risks and misery, they take a rare decision among illegal migrants. Go back voluntarily, penny-less, the return of shame. If life on the road is a physical pain, the return is an emotional suffering. For the three characters in this film, the main difficulty is to be accepted again in their family and social circle, who are not prepared to welcome back someone in a failure situation. How to accept that the one we counted on more than anything comes back empty-handed?

Best Documentary - Human Rights International Film Festival 2017 

Best Documentary - Etoiles de la Scam 2017

Best Documentary - International Panafrican Film Festival 2017

Official Selection - Luchon TV Festival 2017

Aired May, 29th 2018 on France 2.

International Sales: AB Distribution




Documentary. France. 2016.

52'. Broadcasters: Canal+ Antilles, France 2.


Directed by Benjamin Hoffman and Aurylia Rotolo.

Produced by Joachim Landau, Raphaël Rocher.

Original release: December, 17th 2016 on Canal+ Antilles

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