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Documentary. France. 2018.

52 minutes. Broadcaster: 13ème Rue.


Written and directed by Julien Dupuy.

Produced by Joachim Landau, Raphaël Rocher.

Original releases: Thursday, May 17th on 13TH RUE FRANCE

If Jacques Audiard is an enigma, it is above all because he seems to have reconciled the irreconcilable, with a work without missteps, located at the crossroads of cinema typologies that we thought antinomic.


He is both tributary of a long cinematographic tradition while bearing a whole new perspective on French cinema. He has established himself as a very coherent award-winning author, while being an ardent defender of genre cinema. He directs demanding and at the same time very accessible movies, even popular ones. Jacques Audiard is a filmmaker deeply rooted in the 7th French Art, but his scope is universal.


But if Audiard remains an enigma, it is also because he is wary of the media, and only gives sporadic interviews. This could explain why there is not, so far, a true documentary dedicated to this unique and precious artist.


However, Jacques Audiard arrives today at a pivotal moment of his career: after the public and critical triumph of A PROPHET and the Palme d’Or for DHEEPAN, he takes the bold step of making a western shot in English, co-produced by a Hollywood studio and performed by American stars.


It is therefore time to dive into his universe, his mind, his obsessions, to understand his work, glorify his artistic value and pierce the many mysteries that surround it.

With Alexandre Desplat, Thomas Bidegain, Gilles Cohen, Fred Grivois...

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